Wakkanai Hokusei Gakuen University (WAKHOK) has been established as a leading academic institution in IT sector. WAKHOK has been dedicated in disseminating knowledge through innovative teaching, seminars and research. The University was established to meet the pace of the fast changing IT technology with a revolutionary educational system. WAKHOK students will discover more about themselves, their ambition, and their potential than they ever thought possible.

Wakkanai Main Campus

The main campus of WAKHOK is located in Wakkanai, Hokkaido, the northernmost city of Japan. The University is located in a quiet atmosphere and clean air, providing an ideal environment for students to study and pursue their individual goals. Wakkanai Campus offers a four years Bachelors program in Information Technology for the students. It also avails the students with the Research Program.

Tokyo Satellite Campus

Our Tokyo Satellite Campus offers final two years of transfer course in IT to the students who have already completed their first two years of Bachelors studies from other academic institutions. The Campus also operates its role as an International Student Center for our International Students to gain the Japanese Language Training and other IT courses. Further, the Campus also offers Research program to the students who have already completed their Bachelor Program in IT. sitors coming from the nearby island of Sakhalink, which gives Wakkanai city an international look.