The skyrocketing breakthroughs and advancements in the field of information and technology have indeed made the 21st century a spellbinding technological era. This metamorphosis in technological trend, undoubtedly, has been the source of driving for the naive field, integrated media, in its present leading edge.

With their own respective historical domain, publishing industries, broadcasting, and the means of communication enjoyed a secluded technologies and own markets. Nonetheless, eye-blinking advancements in the technologies, global interest in the information and the never ending quench for the higher speed in information exchange played a key role in bringing these three areas into a common platform of information sharing wherever and whenever required.

This new integration of historic fields has been termed as 'Integrated Media'. The present day communication technique, the so called internet bandwagon, brought the revolutionary medias such as world wide web, email, blogs, web services and online transformation of every single information repository into spotlight.

Today for every need and problem there is an omnibus solution called internet and a service called integrated media. As a result of this progression, those isolated media got integrated involving every possible sectors including the monetary, educational and political institutions.

We acknowledge this kind of newly diverted revolution as an inevitable historical epic. For the sake of this point of mission and to support for the advancement of this field, we strongly believe that a newly motivated educational system is necessary, and therefore, Wakhok has been established to fulfill this requirement.