WAKHOK University, first and foremost, exists to provide a quality education. Here knowledge seekers are trained with the wealth of possibilities, and, are encouraged to plan a course of study that gives a broad and well-rounded education. Our faculty organizes an advising system that offers assistance to the students in considering and planning the course of study for their seminar.

Moreover, supervisors will be assigned to the students to guide them in their research program. Whether you choose programming or developing software, networking, developing algorithms and designing protocols, there are a variety of options to help you meet your plan of study needs. Next, over the years WAKHOK has earned a reputation as an innovative leader in higher education in IT, and is committed to becoming the nation's premier University in Information Technology. For this definite goal, the respectable President has put forward the motto of the University as gNorth Edge the Leading Edgeh in IT.

At the heart of that mission is, and always will be, our faculty members who are always dedicated in their academic activities to support the students. The University strives to provide up to date syllabus and time relevant skills to our students enabling them to make mark on their professional field and also to conduct further research in their graduate studies.