Undergraduate Program

Some of the courses of our Undergraduate Program are categorised below and explained briefly:

Programming Category:

The faculty has designed the syllabus which includes the programming languages such as Java, C, Ruby, and Perl. In this Programming Category, students can learn from basic to advance techniques of algorithms development and software development. Moreover, students in their junior or in senior classes will be exposed to more advanced skills of programming such as enterprise Java and network programming.

Media Art:

At WAKHOK, Media Arts and Information Sciences emphasizes the study, discovery and creative use of information technologies for understanding and expression by people and machines. As one of the essential parts for human beings, expression and communication is inevitable. Realizing these facts, our faculty members have contributed to prepare their courses to the pinnacle which focuses not only on the technological skills but also on the sociological philosophy. For instance, it includes the syllabus that initiates students for critical thinking and expression. Similarly, they will be made familiar with the real time production of web based media such as web designing, animation and movie production. Moreover, they will be exposed to the basic knowledge of property rights and related education of contemporary laws.

Networking Category:

In this category we have focused on network technology. Basically, students learn the fundamental knowledge of operating systems followed by training on advance skills of network technology. Besides, the courses of study included in this category are mathematics and its philosophy, advanced theory of database and software development.

Research Activities:

The goal of the research program to our Undergraduate students is to edify them with practical knowledge through their participation in real time programming and development of software which are thoughtfully designed with new pattern of algorithms. We have put our efforts to provide our students from their very fresh man year with seminar programs so that they can be trained with practical knowledge with senior students. Because of this kind of environment provided to the newly admitted students, we have experienced that their spirit and motivation for study get boosted remarkably.