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Wakkanai Hokusei Gakuen University (WAKHOK), Tokyo-Satellite Campus
Japanese Language Program at International Student Center

Admission of 2007 April/October.

>> In Chinese Language
>> In Korean Language(Word File)

Application Materials

You may download the application materials from the link provided below. Please read the application guideline carefully before filling out the application form provided in our application package.

In Japanese In English

Application package can be downloaded from the link provided below.

Application Package

Academic calendar

Early April, 2007 - Mid of July, 2007 (Spring Semester)
Mid of July, 2007 - End of July, 2007 (Examination)
Early August, 2007 - End of September, 2007 (Summer Vacation)
Early October, 2007 - End of January, 2008 (Autumn Semester)
End of December, 2007 - Early January, 2008 (Winter Vacation)
Early February, 2008 - Mid of February, 2008 (Examination)
Mid of February, 2008 - End of March, 2008 (Spring Vacation)
* Consultation regarding the duration of your study can be provided upon request

Qualifications of applicant

  • An applicant must have completed 12 years of school education
  • An applicant must have completed at least 150 hours of Japanese language course or have passed Japanese language proficiency test level 4 or higher
  • For applicants with qualifications other than the above mentioned, please consult

There is a provision of tuition fees reduction for those international students who choose to continue their education at WAKHOK University after the accomplishment of required proficiency in Japanese language from the International Student Center at WAKHOK University Tokyo-Sattelite Campus in Akihabara, Tokyo. Students who have completed 14 years of school education and meet the entrance requirement of WAKHOK University can be admitted to our university as third year student.

Course contents

  • Japanese Language and Japanese Culture (20 hours per week)
  • IT related course (3 hours per week, Students can audit the IT related courses also)

Tuition fees

Admission fee: 100,000 JPY
Tuition fee: 200,000 JPY (For both spring and autumn semester)

Application deadline

For spring semester, 2007:   2006/12/08
For autumn semester, 2007:   2007/06/15
Please transfer the examination fee of 10,000 JPY to the specified account and send the completed application documents to WAKHOK main campus within aforementioned deadline.


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