International Activities

Summer School in Kathmandu, Nepal

The Summer School program is organized during the University Summer vacation whereby the selected students are given opportunity for few days' tour to Nepal. The motive behind organization of such programs is to derive an International Exposure to the WAKHOK students where the students can get acquainted with the culture and life style of different communities.

Internship Program in Kathmandu, Nepal

The Internship Program for the University Students is one of the recent ventures initiated from the beginning of the year 2007, whereby the interested and qualified students from the University gets deputed into its affiliated institutions of Nepal. This program is a big opportunity for our national students to gather a lot of experience and exposure in the international arena which also help them to improve their English Language proficiency, and prepares them better for their future professional environment. The internship program helps to gain up to 10 extra credits to the academic record of the students.

Java Contest was organized for the first time in the history of Nepal with the objective to upgrade the programming skills of the students of Nepal and to foster the ICT skills of both the young and IT professionals of the country. The Contest was a grand success whereby scholarships and cash prizes were awarded to the winning candidates of the Contest. Similar kind of contests will be organized by WAKHOK on a regular basis to fulfill its responsibility towards the global society.

ICT Conference 2006

The ICT Conference was held in Nepal in 13th and 14th July 2006 with an aim to initiate the process of international joint research and cooperation, to discuss the need of contemporary IT and their upgrading and to disseminate WAKHOK activity and vision. The conference proved very successful.