International Network

We envision a joint effort and transfer of knowledge and best practices wider as possible in order to create opportunities for enthusiastic scholars from all parts of the world, ultimately making this University provide international class of education wherein all education seekers dedicated to humanity, peace and harmony can participate. Until date we have the affiliation with the following International academic institutions:

  • Malpi International College - 2005
  • Nagarjuna International College - 2005
  • Kathmandu Engineering College - 2006
  • Himalayan WhiteHouse International College -2006
  • Nepal Engineering College-2007
  • Sakhalink State University, Sakhalin -1990
  • Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Institute of Economics, Law and Informatics
  • Chengdu University of Information Technology - 2005
  • United International University, Dhaka - 2006
  • FPT University-2007