International Department

The International Department acts as a bridge between the University, its affiliated institutions and the International Students. It provides International students with various kinds of support services, general information and guidance in application procedures, programs and advices on visa processing and related immigration issues, employment, and other practical concerns. The International Department also constantly engages in the following activities:

1. Convene seminars, conferences and IT contests in the affiliated regions.

2. Coordinate University's programs for International visitors

3. Establish International Students Center in various countries and provide support services thereby

4. Counseling services even through the use of latest technology like video-conferencing to facilitate the prompt and intelligible solutions to the queries and problems of the students.

5. Planning activities related to the Internship program of the interested Japanese students to other countries.

6. Evaluate the credentials of the prospective International Students for Scholarship programs and other grants.

7. The International Department also acts as a bridge between the locals of Wakanai Shi and the University. It organizes various interaction and exchange programs in order to extend its relation with the locals.

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