International Conference on Advanced Technology and Electronic Transactions

Date:13th & 14th July 2006
Venue:Hotel De Annapurna, DurbarMarg, Kathmandu, Nepal

A glimpse of the panel members

Presentation on "Emerging Technologies" by Mr. Yutaka Yoshida, SunMicrosys, USA (Project leader at Servlet Spec Lead, Blue print, J2EE etc)

Presentation on "System in Opensource Community " by Mr. Hideya Kawahara, Sun Microsystems, USA

Presentation on "Java Technology and its great success stories" by Ishihara Naoki, Evangelist of Sun Microsys, Japan

Mr.Bishnu Prasad Gautam and Research student at WAKHOK-Mr. Tumburu Gautam moderating the conference

Presentation on "Hardware programming concept and specs c" by Mr. Kamal Adhikari.