President's Message

I would like to welcome all the prospective students from both national and International communities to WAKHOK, an IT University targeted for the century ahead. I have the pleasure to introduce WAKHOK as one of the pioneer IT oriented university in Japan having the main University in Wakkanai, Hokkaido and a Satellite Campus in Tokyo.

This University gives high priority to the latest IT education and boosts itself as a leader of the advancing technology educator of the latest tools and information readily applicable in the practical level in the field of computer and technology. Accordingly, most recent technical environment including advanced computing network is available in the university premises.

WAKHOK is playing a leading role as a center of academic excellence both at home and in the international arena in the aspects of education, research and technology. In the recent years, the university has taken a stride towards expanding its horizon globally such to extend its education to the widest coverage possible. We are anticipating an increasing number of enthusiastic students from all over the world to pursue the most advanced technology that the latest era has to offer. The university has always exhibited its indefatigable effort toward the advancement both in knowledge disseminating methodology and internal infrastructure without any kind of compromises. Our effort has always been to go forward aggressively without compromise.

It is a matter of pride that our graduates have taken leadership in the field of IT both in Japan and abroad. Further, our international students act as cross-cultural ambassadors between diverse cultures from their home country. We welcome you to our university, which prides itself on the richness of its culture, educational practice and peaceful environment for education seekers.

Prof. Saitoh Yoshihiro