Yury Olesha

Yury Olesha(1899-1960) was a Soviet writer and wrote two novels: Envy and Three Fat Men, some short stories, including "Love" and "The Cherry Stone", plays and film scenarios.

He wrote many fragments of reminiscence, which was edited by his wife and Victor Shklovsky, and was published under the title, No day without a Line, after the death of the writer.


Aleksandrov introduces houses of Odessa, where writers lived, in his book (R. Aleksandrov, Progulki po literaturnoi Odesse, Odessa, 1993). This book gave me a chance to take some photos of Olesha's houses in Odessa.

Olesha's family moved from Elisavetgrad to Odessa in 1902. At first they live in a house on Tchaikovsky alley.

When Olesha was 5 years old, his family removed to Grecheskaia street. The house, where Olesha lived, was broken by the World War II.

Olesha's family had lived on Kanatnaia Street since 1911.

The street, where Olesha had lived since 1912, is now called Yury Olesha Street.

Later Olesha moved to Moscow and became a writer. When he visited Odessa, he used to stay at the hotel Londonskaya.


In 1922 Olesha lived in Kataev's house on Mylnikov street. In this house he read his novel Envy before his fellows in 1927. Raskolnikov, an editor, listened to this and decided to publish this novel. It became one of classics of Soviet literature.

Olesha used to stay at a cafe of the National hotel in his last years.

Olesha, his mother and wife were buried in Novodievich graveyard with Bagritsky family. Bagritsky was a poet from Odessa. The wife of this poet was a sister of Olesha's wife.

Kazuhisa Iwamoto(Wakkanai Hokusei Gakuen University, Japan)